Some words from a few of our treasured customers

"Hi girls! Love my ribbons! Love your web-site also. Very classy. Gorgeous pictures and colors."

Patty Anderson, Patty Anderson Jewelry, Jupiter, FL – www.pattyandersonjewelry.com

"Class Act Designs--these two wonderful ladies make these silk ties and dye them themselves! They are well made and are scrumptious colors!"

Becky Caraco,Flameworked Beads, Mariposa, CA – www.beckysglass.com

"Love these silks. My customers buy them 2-3 at a time. Such beautiful blends of color. Supporting a handmade local California based business is what we're about! Love Fran and Judy-they are so great to work with."

Lori Roark, Lilygirl Jewelry, Fallbrook, CA – www.shoplilygirl.com

"Your silk ribbons are super nice and the quality is perfect. We are very satisfied with your product. The silk ribbons are used in combination with our glass and the result is amazing."

Anita Schwegler-Juen, Zurich, Switzerland

"Your silks are EXACTLY what I'm looking for with really nicely sewn edges."

Jennifer Pitts, Parma, Ohio, The Velvet Box

"Your ribbons are still the nicest I have ever seen-nothing compares!"

Kathy Vukasovich – www.the southwesternheart.com

"I have received the silks and they are utterly gorgeous! Thank you! At Bead & button (show) I was nervous about ordering but now realise they are worth every penny and are top quality!"

Kathy Jobson, U.K.

"I bought some of your ties at Bead Fest. I bought them to go with my ceramic pendants. You gave me one, I wore it for two days and then bought more. I just wanted to let you know about a little experiment I conducted Saturday night. As part of the Bethlehem Art Walk I was demonstrating making stoneware pendants and ornaments outside a store where they attach cords to my pendants and sell them. They have been selling pretty well. I put out a display of a box of pendants and your silk ties encouraging people to choose the pendant and the color tie they wanted. We were charging $14 for the pendant & tie and $12 for the pendant & cords. At the end of the night we had sold 7 with the silk ties and 2 with the cords. That convinced Cathy she should carry your ties. She kept some of the ones I had bought and I'll be ordering more. It is small potatoes but I thought you might like to hear from a satisfied, soon to be repeat, customer!"

Bebe Poor, Pleasant Springs Pottery, Perkasie, PA

"I am sorry to have been delayed sending this to you, but I wanted to wait until I received other ribbons I had ordered from another company. I am glad I waited. There is no comparison between the two ribbon orders. Yours are beautifully finished, the colors are vibrant, and the sizes consistent. The other ribbons I received were poorly finished, some of the colors were a bit muddy and dull, and there was as much as 1 1/2" difference in the length of the finished ribbons. I am sending the comparisons on to others in my group. Of course there is also the matter of the large variety you offer! The other company could not touch your variety and stock. Anyway, you clearly have top merchandise, and your efforts to help me demonstrate your commitment to customer service. You certainly have my vote for best silk ribbon shop."

Pamela Lough in Pleasanton, Ca in March, 2011

"Whenever I order items online I am always a bit hesitant and am more often than not disappointed with what I find in the package. I was beyond thrilled with my Class Act purchase!!! Your work is gorgeous and I honestly feel your passion and dedication to this art form when looking at the silks. They surpassed my expectation and I hope that I can utilize them for my jewelry line. If not, I will go broke buying them for myself! I am having a hard time not jumping on your website and ordering loads more! Thanks for your craftsmanship and I am so glad I found you ladies! I will try to send some pictures soon!!!"

Anita from Nashville

“Besides being beautiful and going SO well with my glass designs, having your ribbons has saved me so much time. Being a lampwork artist, my business is divided between being a "supplier" for jewelry designers and being a designer myself for shows that have a need for finished jewelry for buyers who just "want to wear it home today.” Having your ribbons allows me to very quickly switch almost my entire product line to finished pieces and then to switch it back when I need to for bead and trunk shows. I also have them hanging at every show I do and they sell all by themselves...the easy extra sales are always appreciated.”

Tammy Rae (2012)

From Fran and Judy at Class Act Designs: We thank you all for your kind responses and encourage all comments and criticisms to be emailed to us. We are always trying to make our customers happy!