Swarovski Crystal Strips for Sale

Class Act Designs offers great and stylish Swarovski crystal strips that can add a fun bit of bling and shine to any attire.

These crystal strips are easily applied to silk ribbons and other fabrics to make a beautiful new wrist wrap, necklace choker or headband – or any other stylish accessory. You’re sure to find the right look for your next design or offer your customers a fresh new look, whether it’s the clear strip, brilliant pink style or the bright bursts of gold. All of these high-quality Swarovski strips are ready to order, with same or next-day shipping options available for you or your customers’ crafting or jewelry-making projects.

All crystal strips are easily applied using a hot iron. See the full instructions below. For more information on these Swarovski crystal strips or custom orders, contact us today!

Transfer instructions:

1. Set iron to 325 to 340 degrees F
2. Iron the silk ribbon or other item flat where you plan to apply the Swarovski crystal strip
3. Remove the white plastic backing from the transfer strip and place the strip on the fabric with the sticky side on the fabric.
4. Place a light protective cloth over the strip, such as a towel, and iron with light pressure for 7 to 10 seconds. Check and repeat this step until the strip is firmly adhered.
5. Remove the clear film from the strip.
6. Reapply the iron using the same temperature and pressure over the protective cloth for an additional 7 to 10 seconds. Check and repeat this step until the strip is firmly and completely adhered.

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