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Artist of the Month: Jennifer Swett

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 9:52:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

Jennifer Swett is the owner of Sixpence Jewelry located in New York, New York. Learn more about Jennifer and what she has in store below!Read More
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016 1:34:04 PM America/Los_Angeles

Happy Tuesday! We have picked out some of our favorite Hand Dyed Silk Blends to share with you today. * Did you know you can customize a blended silk of your own?Read More
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How to Wear: In Your Hair!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 9:02:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Last week our blog featured a tutorial on how to wrap your wrist with our silk ribbons. This week we are going to show you ways to wear them in your hair!Read More
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Beaded Lariat Project

Monday, May 16, 2016 6:42:31 PM America/Los_Angeles


Class Act Designs – Judy Solomon and Fran Cey


Judy and Fran were inspired with many of their hand dyed silk colors, but chose the first lariat project using Mango Blend. Other blended colors are shown that were made in later years. With the versatility of the silk ties that they make in more than 191 colors, they were motivated to create  lariats using extra sterling beads caps, sterling chain and semiprecious stones  left over from other projects. The results were beautiful pieces of textured wearable art.

For the Mango Blend Lariat:


2Ruby red chalcedony stones, 12 mm hexagonal faceted

1Carnelian stone, 12 mm hexagonal

2Magenta Chalcedony, 8 mm faceted

2Magenta Chalcedony 8 mm rondelles

2Sunstone 8 mm rondelles

5Cherry Quartz 5 mm round

2Sterling SilverBalibead caps 8 mm

3Sterling SilverBalibeads 8-10 mm

2Sterling Silver Bali spacer beads

1Sterling Silver 1 ½” headpin

3Sterling Silver  2” headpins

2SterlingSilver 3 mm fancy crimp with loop end caps

1Sterling Silver open chain  2 5/8”

1Sterling Silver 5 mm open jump ring

10Sterling Silver 24 gauge wire for wrapping

1Mango blend CAD silk ribbon  - 36” x ½”


2Needlenose pliers

1Roundnose pliers


Finished Size:


Step 1: Using needle nose pliers, crimp one fancy end cap in the middle onto each end of the silks, bringing the silk to the loop end of the crimp

Step 2: On one crimp end, attach the 1” and 1 ½” pieces of open chain with a 5 mm open jump ring

Step 3: On the second loop of 1 ½” open chain, wire wrap the first “dangle” using a 2” Head pin, a large Bali bead, a 7 mm Magenta chalcedony rondelle and a 5 mm round cherry quartz

Step 4: Wire wrap the 12 mm hexagonal carnelian onto a 1 ½ “ head pin.  Take a 2” piece of24 gauge wire and wrap one   end onto the loop of the carnelian stone. On this wire, bead 1 cherry quartz (5mm), 1 largeBalibead and another cherry quartz (5 mm). Wire wrap this piece onto the end of the 1” chain.

Step 5: Using a 2” headpin, add 1 hexagonal 12 mm ruby red chalcedony, oneBalispacer and 1 faceted magenta chalcedony (8mm) and wire wrap onto the end of the 1” chain.

Step 6: Wire wrap a 2” piece of  wire onto the loop of the other end cap on the other side of the silk. Bead 1 cherry quartz (5 mm), 1 largeBalibead and another cherry quartz (5 mm) and wrap end of wire into a loop for step #7.

Step #7: Using another 2” piece of wire, wrap onto the end. (See Step#6) Bead 1 sunstone rondelle (8 mm) 1Balibead cap, 1 round magenta chalcedony (8mm), anotherBali bead cap and another sunstone and wrap the wire end with a loop for step#8.

Step #8: Take another 2” headpin and bead 1 hexagonal ruby red chalcedony (12mm), 1Bali spacer and another faceted magenta chalcedony (8mm) Wire wrap onto end of last loop from step #7.


Any beads or semiprecious stones can be used for this project. Use a silk color that accentuates your favorite beads and/or stones. This lariat can be worn as a bracelet tied around the wrist or as a necklace tied in the following ways:

 #1 – Fold lariat in half and make a loop, pulling both ends through, worn as a choker

#2 – Place end around neck and loop one end over the other, worn as a choker or lower

#3 – From the front, take both ends around the back of the neck and cross in back, then bring around front to loop one end over the other, worn as a double choker or loosely tied lower on the neck

#4 – Tie around neck in a small bow, letting ends hang loosely


Class Act Designs – Hand Dyed Silk Ties -37” x 1/2”, sewn on all sides to a point

For hand dyed silks:

Class Act Designs

6520 Platt Ave. #605

West Hills, Ca 91307

Toll Free: 888-799-0311    - Semiprecious stones, pearls and findings

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